About ATS

Daweda ATS (Automated Trading System) is a 100% Auto trading software that trades for you even when you are not next to your computer. All you need to do is a one-time set up of your trading preferences. From then on, ATS will create orders and automatically submit them directly to the Daweda Exchange platform. As a Daweda client, you receive free access to use the ATS. There are no special requirements and there are no monthly fees and you can start using ATS immediately.
Setting Up ATS
Once you have opened an account in Daweda Exchange and funded your account, you can set up your ATS profile easily, even if you don’t have prior trading experience. To set up your ATS configuration, simply complete these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Select the number of contracts you want per trade  
Step 2: Select the number of trades (limit) per day
Step 3: Choose a trading strategy
Step 4: Decide if you would like the ATS to close each day after a profit is reached
Step 5: Decide if you would like the ATS to close each day if a loss amount is reached
Step 6: Select the assets you want to trade
Step 7: Activate your ATS
The benefits of trading with ATS
At Daweda Exchange, like at any other exchange in the world, time and price are two key factors that can give you an advantage. With ATS, you will be able to open trades quickly, without the need to manually set up each trade and without needing to sit, wait and watch the markets 24 hours per day. ATS will match your orders only against the best price orders in the system. By choosing the settings you want, you are in control of your trading activity and ATS will take care of the rest plus, you can clearly and easily see exactly the trades ATS has made, and is making, on your behalf.
3 Easy steps to Gaining Access to the Daweda ATS:
1. Register your trading account
2. Fund your account with a minimum deposit of $350
3. Start your ATS