How to start trading in a few easy steps…  
1. Choose your asset – Select an available asset to trade by clicking on either the Forex, Commodities, Indices or Stocks tab at the top of the trading interface. As you become acquainted with the platform, you may want to start building your personal “Favorites Asset” list.

2. Select the number of contracts – Using the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons (see image below), choose how many contracts you want to buy. As you adjust the number of contracts, you will see your potential profit.

3. UP (Call) or DOWN (Put) – Now you need to decide if the level of the asset will increase by the expiry time or will decrease. If you think the level will increase, select ‘UP’ and if you think it will decrease, then choose ‘DOWN’.

4. Choose the asset price level – Decide at which level you want to buy. If you are not satisfied with the price offers from other traders, you can set up your own price by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ signs located next to the DOWN and UP price level boxes.

5. Confirm your order – A pop-up will appear when a contract that matches your criteria is available. There will be a summary of the option and you can choose to confirm or cancel. Note that you can click on “Do not show this pop up again” and all trades from then on will be placed, without the need to confirm each time.

6. Open & Pending Positions – Once you have placed trades, below the main trading screen you will see the status of all positions that are open and pending (waiting for a match).

7. Wait for the Result – When the position expires, you will be notified of the result, whether you are “in the money” or “out of the money”. If your trade expires in the money, you will make a 100% return on your investment.