Pivotal to Daweda Exchange is our Order Book – an innovative feature that allows you to see all the current orders on your chosen asset, in one table. The Order Book is updated in real time, giving you a clear idea of the market and other traders’ activities, at a single glance.  
The Order Book consists of 2 parts:  
CALL ORDERS – Here we see the top 4 Call orders placed by traders waiting for buyers
PUT ORDERS – Here we see the top 4 Put orders placed by traders waiting for buyers

Making the most of the Order Book
Let’s say that your preferred asset is trending up and its market level is 734.30. Although you believe that this trend will continue, you feel more comfortable to buy 10 Call (UP) contracts at a level of 734.27. In this situation, you will click on the ‘-’ symbol next to the UP button, set the level at 734.27 and then click on the UP button. Now you can see your order pending in the Order Book to buy 10 contracts at 734.27. Once someone is willing to make a deal with you, the Order Book will be matched and your trade begins. If nobody is willing to buy from you, your trade won’t be matched and – you will not be charged; i.e. no trade charges and no fees.



Some of the benefits of Daweda Contracts Trading:
-Increase your chances of a profitable trade
-You choose the level and you have control of your trades as well as the positions you want to enter
-No fees for unmatched orders
-No slippage – If your order isn’t filled at your chosen level or, if the price changes, it will automatically return to the Order Book until it is matched.