Daweda Exchange Cashback Plan

As the only marketplace for peer-to-peer Financial Contracts we offer a unique cashback plan. We offer monthly rebates for loyal clients who trade in high volumes on our platform.

How can I qualify for the Cashback Plan?
The Cashback Plan is available to all clients who trade on our platform with a real money trading account. The Cashback Plan becomes effective as soon as a real money trading account is set up. The cashback amount you will be entitled to receive in your account each month depends on your account loyalty (the age in days of your trading account) and your account’s trading volume (the number of contracts traded in the account).

Cashback Plan Structure
All clients on our platform qualify for the Cashback Plan once they open a real money trading account. In order to receive the maximum available cashback it is important to maintain one account and refrain from opening multiple accounts since under the Cashback Plan, we will not aggregate multiple accounts opened by the same client.

How is the Cashback calculated?
At the end of each calendar month, your cashback amount will be calculated according to our Cashback Formula.
You will receive your cashback amount back into your trading account automatically and without any additional action on your part.

The cashback amount will be given to you in cash without any limitations and can be withdrawn at any time.
The Cashback Plan formula takes into account two major factors:
a. The number of contracts you bought, starting from the day the real money account was first opened; and
b. The time (measured in days), from the date the live (not demo) account was first opened until the end of each calendar month (account longevity).

The amount of Cashback you are entitled to depends on volume traded on our trading platform and loyalty to the account, so the more you trade and the longer you keep your account active, the greater the Cashback amount you will receive from us.