About Daweda

The World’s First Contract Dealing Exchange
Daweda Exchange is the world’s first platform to offer a true exchange-like experience for dealing in contracts. Daweda Exchange gives traders the control, power and benefits of real trading by eliminating brokers and avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. The Daweda platform provides a fair and transparent trading environment where you, as a trader, control your trades, giving you the ability to maximize returns and to trade with complete peace of mind.
Fair Trade
At Daweda Exchange, your trading experience in contracts is both simple and fair. The Daweda platform allows you to trade in contracts directly with other clients, thereby eliminating the need for brokers. Daweda does not profit from any trades, both successful or unsuccessful and we do not interfere in the pricing, so there’s never any conflict of interest. Daweda charges a nominal service fee of only $0.50 to both parties of the contract and there are no additional fees or commissions charged to traders.
Maximum Returns
Our unique platform allows you to buy contracts directly to, or from, other traders. Since we don’t act as a broker between the traders, there are no middleman fees or commissions, which means that with Daweda Exchange, you receive a 100% return on successful trades.
Full Control
Daweda Exchange gives you the ability to set your own price levels and the number of contracts you want to trade, so you stay in complete control of your trades. The platform allows you to easily view available offers from other traders or to create your own offer. When you create an offer, you decide when, what and how you want to trade.
Real Time Order Book
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Daweda Exchange is committed to providing a fair, transparent and simple way to trade contracts. Our innovative Order Book enables you to do just that. This unique tool allows you to view all other positions on the platform, including the number of Call and Put orders that are currently available. By having this information on hand, you are able to make more informed trading decisions. Daweda does not intervene in the pricing process, and what takes place in the Order Book, stays between traders on the platform. This transparency ensures there is no conflict of interest and no slippage, thereby making Daweda Exchange the most dynamic and dependable trading platform in the market.